In the year of 1894, the Adventist message was first introduced in Hindu country India. Since, then thousands of missionaries have been sent to Asian countries like India, Nepal, Maldives, and Bangladesh but very few results have been accomplished. Many missionaries and Missionary Institutions have come to the realization that the work is very challenging to this specific group of people. In order to reach them and to know how they think and perceive things it is vital to understand their worldview.  Having mentioned the above problem, this research tends to contribute in unders- tanding the worldview of Hinduism. Only if we understand their worldview, we will be able to relate with them, and will be able to explain things in a way that both parties understands with less possibilities of being misunderstood. In order to make it happen, this research followed thematic methodology, first planted the problematic issues, explained the antecedents, and found solutions of the problem. Found some elements that could serve as a bridge for religious dialogues with Hin- dus. When the oriental world is crying for medical assistant, medical missionary work would serve as a medium to touch their hearts, other elements that has to deal with salvation, grace, and the identity of the savior of the world is revealed using their own sacred scriptures. Investigation reached to the following conclusions: First, Understanding the worldview of any group of people, or individual helps to relate and reach them. Second, Christ’s method alone will work as incredible method to reach the unreached Hindus, most of the Hin- dus people have prejudice about the western missionaries but if Christ Method was followed and if we seek nothing but their good, surely they will open their hearts for truth. Third, some elements have been found in their sacred books where it reveals about the Identity of Jesus Christ and presents Him as the redeemer of the world